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The CUBS  Team welcomes you to Kirksey Middle School!  We are excited about working with you in the new school year.  Our common goal is to provide a warm and caring environment for the students where all belong, all learn, and all succeed.

Our team of teachers is dedicated to providing a quality education to your child.  We feel that a cooperative effort between us, our students and parents will ensure a successful school year.  Each day your child’s teachers meet from 9:46-10:36.  Please feel free to contact us during this time if you have any questions or concerns.  You can contact us by phone at 631-3625 or via email.  If you need to send a message to your child, please contact the front office.  We are looking forward to getting to know all of you.

Social Studies- Reading
 Mrs. Deanna Gabbert


Miss Tollie Lancaster



Mrs. Karen Harwell



Ms. Zulpo



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It is important to check your child's planner at least once a week.  It is a great communication tool for us, and it lets you know what's going on at school.  Look at your child's planner and sign it at least 1 time each week.